Art aqua

At koberg we believe in the biophilia hypothesis.
The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.
Besides our specialization on plants, we would like to add a second element to this equation, water.

Art Aqua products improve your office environment by;

  • Cleaning the air from dust and smell
  • Increase air humidity and function as a natural climate system
  • Noise reduction and serve as natural room dividers

People’s health, well-being and performance are all directly linked to their office environment.
Art Aqua has over 25 years of experience in waterworks and we are proud to be appointed their UK distributor.

Click here to download the project brochure. (11.4MB)
Click here to download the brochure. (8.05MB)

Below you find a grasp of the plug & play units, which will be mainly used in offices, in the brochure you’ll find special bespoke projects. 

Do you have questions about one of our products or are you curious about the possibilities for your project? Then contact us!

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