Capi Europe designs and produces planters for indoor and outdoor. There is a planter for everyone, because of our different styles and textures. A part of our production takes place completely CO2 neutral in our own factory in The Netherlands. Besides their special design, our planters have a high quality. They are light weight – despite the robust exterior – and are weather resistant.

Planters for your home, your garden or your balcony. For every plant and every style. All planters have their own design and are available in various colours and shapes.

The collection is 100% climate neutral and has the CO2 Neutral® label. The planters are made in the Netherlands in our factory in Tilburg. With this collection Capi takes responsibility and tries to help solve one of the largest waste problems; fishing nets. These fishing nets are combined with old corks and recycled Capi planters to form high quality design planters for indoor and outdoor with a lifetime garantee.
Capi alos offers products that help the biodiversiti. With the biodiversity accessories you contribute to nature. With the functional design we are trying to help bird, bees and butterfly’s find a home. Together we can work on a greener future.


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